Mission & Vision

Special Ankara Dialysis Services

Mission & Vision


In order to ensure that our people can lead a healthier life, to provide health services with the latest innovations in medicine, at a standard and high quality, to continuously train our employees in order to continuously increase our service quality, to protect the rights of patients and their relatives to inform and train at every stage of treatment, to provide quality service at an affordable cost. We believe that it is our main duty to ensure patient and employee satisfaction, to establish a close, loving and respectful relationship with our specialist doctors and staff.

It aims to be a leading healthcare institution that is recognized and preferred at the regional and international level, where advanced information and technology is presented in a comfortable environment and patient and employee-oriented management approach, where patient and employee satisfaction reaches the highest level.



To be a center that is known for its successful activities in all of the dialysis services in our country and other developed countries and is preferred at the forefront with its high awareness. To be a center that pioneers and breaks new ground with its activities and sets an example in health.


Our Aim

The main purpose of the centers is early diagnosis, fast and effective treatment and restoring the patient to his/her former position in a short time in case of illness that may occur despite all kinds of preventive measures. While achieving this goal, the effective and efficient use of available resources is to ensure patient and community satisfaction.